Danica Jones

When I moved to Tulsa in 2011, I knew absolutely no one. Most of my time was spent working at a desk, and then going home and sitting on the couch. Two years later, I had gone from 165 up to 258 pounds. Everything hurt – my joints ached, I got migraines, and depression hit me hard. I decided something needed to change, and started going to a globo gym, because that was all I knew. Eventually, I ended up at a CrossFit gym, but after two serious injuries, I finally gave in to my friend’s suggestion to try True Strength. The first day was about 15 minutes of trying new equipment, and 10 pounds felt heavier than 100 pounds.

In under a year, I went from 38% body fat down to 17%, going down to 160, 15 pounds below my original goal of 175. My body has strength I never thought I was capable of – especially when it comes to body weight exercises. Everyone asks me what I did to get strong, and they’re blown away when I try to explain the unique experience we get here at True Strength. Jonathan tailors everything to meet our needs and goals, and we get focused guidance that you can’t find anywhere else.

What excites me the most is how strong the women at the gym are – we are empowered, confident, strong and capable. I think most women are scared to try strength training (I know I was), but the results you get here are phenomenal and undeniable. I can’t imagine going anywhere else, and I go out of my way to drive a longer distance, passing countless globo gyms and CrossFit boxes to get the training I know works better than anything else.

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