Therese Lewis

I am a competitive racquetball player and came to Jonathan over three years ago in hopes of improving strength and stamina for both on the court and the golf course as well. The difference it has made is more than I had expected. I can get on the court and play two hours without getting exhausted. My legs are the strongest they’ve been in a long time. I have a bad knee and shoulder and Jonathan knew how to not only work around these “problem” areas, but strengthen them as well.

We’ve worked on everything from hands to feet and I can’t believe how strong my hands and wrists have become. I get more from my one-hour workouts than I could at any gym because he devises a plan just for my needs. Jonathan is constantly researching and learning ways to help his clients. He also knows nutrition and will lay out a diet plan to fit anyone’s need. Jonathan is a knack for developing a routine for every sport or for every individual just wanting to improve their overall health.

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